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Bjork beginner guide

2021.10.15 23:44 guillefdeez Bjork beginner guide

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2021.10.15 23:44 minksjuniper Does anybody know what the name of this plant is? I believe it's a succulent.

Does anybody know what the name of this plant is? I believe it's a succulent. submitted by minksjuniper to whatplantisthis [link] [comments]

2021.10.15 23:44 AndrewLiteral Mino user with Cats, how do you prevent harming your cats ?

I haven't bought it yet, but before I do, I wanted to ask people experience with applying rogaine on yourself, with a cat at home. What do you usually do to keep them safe?
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2021.10.15 23:44 Due-Memory1994 Are Legendary Pokemon species or individuals?

I was just curious what the consensus on this was. I'm getting ready to run a TTRPG set in the Pokemon world and this is definitely a question I'm going to have to ask myself. Obviously, Pokemon like the Legendary Birds or the Latis could be argued to be a species.
It gets muddled when you think of one-off Pokemon like Mewtwo, or Pokemon that were born of individuals, like the legendary beasts. Then the anime made is Canon that at least two Mewtwo and Suicune exist. Then there's the mess that is the Creation Trio, the Regis and the Weather Trio, whom were apparently sealed away to limit their power or deep in rest, the Lake Trio, whom as specific to lakes in Sinnoh, the Tapus, again, specific to Alola, the Swords of Justice in Unova, even Zacian and Zamazenta in Galar are implied to be individuals.
I was curious what some of your thought about this.
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2021.10.15 23:44 Cute_Lobster4802 karma pretty please πŸ™πŸΌ

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2021.10.15 23:44 Due_Introduction_466 Item from Amazon came empty and Amazon refuse to refund.

Hello, I was wondering what I can do here. I ordered a CPU off of Amazon Ryzen 9 5950x (Β£700), I made sure to purchase a product delivered and sold by Amazon so that I would have the lowest chance of being scammed as I had seen horror stories on pcmasterrace of fake cpus and empty boxes.
So you can imagine my dismay at opening the seemingly intact box from Amazon (one of those boxes with the lips on the side not full box) and find that the cpu box is inside but itself is empty.
This parcel was delivered by Royal Mail of whom I’ve had issues with before having a bottle of vodka, and ram sticks also turn up empty.
I spoke to Amazon expecting speedy help but they didn’t seem to care, they said the carrier told them it was intact so must be fulfilled. They asked for a police report, of which I obliged and filled out, and then after a couple days of them ignoring me I got an email saying they’ll refund it. Then about 4 hours later they send me an email saying they can’t refund it due to carrier saying it was intact. What do I do here? I can’t afford to just lose Β£700 half the money would of come from me selling my old cpu. Any help would be appreciated.
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2021.10.15 23:44 Immediate_Question99 πŸ’° BABY FLOKI GAME πŸ’° Stealth Launch πŸ’° Listed On PancakeSwap πŸ’° Liquidity locked πŸ’°

πŸ’° πŸ’° πŸ’° πŸ’° πŸ’° πŸ’° πŸ’° πŸ’° πŸ’° πŸ’° πŸ’° πŸ’° πŸ’° πŸ’° πŸ’° πŸ’° πŸ’°πŸ’°


⏰ 5 minutes ago FAİRLAUNCH ⏰

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🎯 Honeypot: Zero TX

🎯 Deeplock: Lock LP 90 Days

🌏 Token BABY FLOKI GAME is funded solely through its own cryptocurrency, a BEP20 token leveraging a smart contract on the Binance Block Chain network. 🌏

β€’ πŸ…LIVE AMA

🎯 We are sick of it aswell it, so we have created our own token and dedicated it to all those that have been scammed so get in early and don’t miss out!
We will make sure this token is safe and a good investment for all, with great rewards to our early holders...🎯

🎯 We set out below some key points for you to consider choosing us:
- No Pre Sale, No Air Drop, Just Stealth Launch
- Total Supply:
- No dev wallet (Dev will also buy at start)
- Ownership Renounced
- Liquidity Locked 100%
- No dev wallet (Admins will also buy after launch and keep feeding the liquidity if it is necessary) 🎯
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2021.10.15 23:44 Thicc_Nachito Looking for people to squad up with in BF5 regularly

Been loving this game and been playing everyday for like 2 weeks. I would like to see if anyone is down to squad up regularly? Ive joined the BF discord but it seems kinda dead.
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2021.10.15 23:44 ZoolShop 'Married... With Children' star Katey Sagal hospitalized after being hit by car

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2021.10.15 23:44 Yo_IDK_Dude πŸ”₯ In Turnagain pass on Monday. Pretty far south for this

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2021.10.15 23:44 wherewulf23 Ohio State seeking fan submissions for new turf design at Ohio Stadium

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2021.10.15 23:44 awesomeproducekid Sweet baby cauliflower?!?! Very excited to try it!!! (it reminds me of broccolini but cauliflower)

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2021.10.15 23:44 SunstriderAlar [Event] Yurionomics, the Economy of Hope - The 12 Goals

April 2030, Japan National Press Club, Chiyoda City, Tokyo
Japan National Press Club (JNPC)
Prime Minister Yuriko Koike has address the JNPC about her final term and achieving her Yurionomics objectives that were started when she came to office in 2021. She was accompanied by Deputy Prime Minister Shinji Koizumi, and together the presented on an assortment of programs that would begin this month.
"When I came to office in 2021 I laid out twelve goals for the economy under my leadership. I am proud to say that we have made huge strides on all twelve. I do accept that I will not achieve my goals though entirely, and a new generation of leader will have to take them on," Ms Koike said.
"We have done a remarkable thing in this country, we are a nation of vibrant and managed growth, we have weathered the storms of crisis, and this year we will continue our journey to prosperity for all Japanese people," she added.
Deputy Prime Minister Koizumi who led the sale of Japan Post, and the revisions to cyber security provided insights on more decisions for which his office is responsible.
"Our region is changing, and the Indo-Pacific is no longer as safe or free and open as it once was; along with the Prime Minister's objectives, I will work with the Ministry of Defence to ensure that Japanese interests are protected, and the SDF fully prepared for the future."
A summary of the presentation and 12 goals is below, costings for the projects are 10 year projections.
Zero fossil fuel power - Net zero by 2040
The LDP will take a policy approach of net zero carbon emissions by 2040 using a combination of nuclear energy, battery storage, and renewable technology. Japan is and always will likely be an energy importer, but technology advancements in hydrogen and batteries make this goal realistic.
Japan will close all coal-fired power plants by 2050, and starting in 2031 require they meet stricter efficiency targets to continue operating in the intervening years. Every power company in Japan will be required to increase the efficiency of their coal power plants to 60%, under guidelines from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. By setting an explicit target for coal power, the ministry hopes to encourage companies to make necessary upgrades, and to ensure only the most efficient coal plants survive into the next decade.
Japan is home to 150 coal-fired power plants - estimates are that as many as 120 could be closed by 2040.
Costing: Government & private industry $10 trillion USD over the next 10 years.
Zero corporate cover ups
Japan has remarkably low corruption, ranking typically in the top 10 least corrupt countries on the planet. What needs to improve is the rate of disclosure by private firms to shareholders and the general public. The Prime Minister announced today that the Diet will be passing a "Corporate Social Responsibility Law" which will mandate reportings to local populations of environmental impact, and social impact of major decisions each year.
While most businesses do this already, this law will ensure that local people, particularly in the revitalising regional areas are provided satisfactory information about corporate behaviour on their neighbourhoods.
Costing: Free, minimal impact on major firms.
Zero corporate political donations
In line with ongoing corporate transperancy, the Deputy Prime Minister stated that LDP party changes would make it a policy platform that the LDP will not accept corporate political donations directly. Corporations would be allowed to continue political promotion through advertising and their own capacity as firms, but politicians from the LDP will no longer be allowed to recieve payments directly.
Junior Diet Member Hyde (formerly of Larc en Ciel) followed this by announcing that his new position within the LDP would assist members connect with the constitutants to establish direct donations.
This builds on the LDP attempts to boost youth voting at the last election.
Costing: Free, LDP expected to see dip in donations.
Zero children waiting for places in daycare
The Prime Minister detailed the significant work already done on childcare in major cities, and regional communities. The Childcare and Population Tax has already seen more than 200 childcare centers built or else childcare provided by major firms to avoid paying the tax. Prime Minister Koike today unveiled a direct boost to the Ministry of Education specifical for early childcare, as well as the modernisation of primary schools to support the next generation.
No legislative change was needed as the tax was already in place, and instead the Ministry would see the boost to funding from the budget next year.
Costing: Additional $5 billion USD to Ministry of Education each year.
Zero passive smoking
Since April 2020 there has been a smoking ban in public facilities. It makes smoking illegal in public institutions (schools, hospitals, municipal offices etc.) except in special smoking spaces. Restaurants and bars have a ban on indoor smoking except well-ventilated rooms, where drinking or eating is not allowed.
New ammendments remove the warning sign exception for establishments with a Β₯50 million capitalization or lower and up to 100 m2 floor space. Also all indoor smoking will be prohibited from 2031 onwards (excepting smoking clubs), and all outdoor smoking within 10 meters of a public thoroughfare is now banned.
Costing: Anticipated lower income from cigarette taxation.
Zero packed commuter trains
Prime Minister Yuriko Koike has declared that the Government will take on the congestion problem with a campaign that encourages employers to provide more flexible hours to ease the morning commuter rush. She will be personally coordinating firms, railways, and outreach programs to work to cooperate on better times to take the trains. This means that the Government will take the lead and allow employees to arrive for work before 8am or after 9am, in a practice called flextime.
Ms Koike announce that already 200 firms including Microsoft Japan Co., Panasonic Corp. and Suntory Holdings Ltd., as well as railway operators including East Japan Railway Co. (JR East), Odakyu Electric Railway Co. and Tokyo Metro Co., were already taking part. Nippon Telegraph and Telephone East Corp. said it is making a greater effort to encourage employees to start work earlier ahead of the campaign.
Rail companies will now be offering super express trains between 6am and 7am, extra commuter points if traveling before 7am.
Costing: $10,000 USD in administration costs, up to $30 million in advertising of the new options for the next 3 years.
Zero animal cruelty
Japan overall is fairly good on the animal cruelty ranking under the Voiceless Animal Cruelty Index (VACI) as the fifteenth least cruel nation. Junior Diet Member Yoshinori (from Treasure) is leading a program to improve awareness of animal cruelty, and implement new legislation imposing signficantly harsher fines for animal cruelty in partnership with the Minister for Justice. Animal welfare laws will be updated in like with World Organisation for Animal Health Standards, aiming for transport regulations, slaughter conditions, production system improvements, population control of stray dogs in metropolitan areas, and responsible limitations on the use of animals in research and education.
The advertising campaign for this is expected to feature J-pop artists with animals.
Costing: $15 million in advertising this year, any fines taken from cases in animal abuse will be put into this program.
Zero food waste
According to the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Japan produces about 27.59 million tons of food waste each year. The government will double investment into TABETE app to improve functionality and spread across the country.
Food labeling laws will change the "consumption period" or "savory period" lables to instead "Delicious period" or "Best period" in order to stop consumers thinking that the food was no longer any good after the latter label.
Costing: New stickers phased in from mid 2031 at no additional cost. Ministries still estimating investment process for app development.
Zero violation of labour laws
The β€œWork Style Reform Legislation” of the early Koike administration made significant revisions to Japan's labor laws. With employers already acting significantly to reduce work stresses and labor violations. Improvements to pay equality, work from home, and worker health conditions, and mandatory leave taking are already in place. The Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare will be seeking views from employee groups, unions, and employers on the 10 years since the law came into effect for future revisions.
Costing: Minimal administration costs
Zero hay fever
According to the results of an epidemiological survey on pollen allergy conducted by the Japanese Society of Otolaryngology, approximately 40% of the Japanese population is affected. In order to reduce this number the government is improving airconditioning standards to include air purification, similar to what was imposed during the COVID-19 pandemic. There is medical investment in improve hay fever prevention tablets through the Ministry of science, and the early trimming of cedar trees the primary cause of the hay fever in most people.
Costing: $30 million USD this year to get started, review next year.
Zero disabled and aged people unable to receive means of transport
The Transportation Accessibility Improvement Ammendment Law became effective in November 2029 and its provision for penalties to non compliance offers momentum for introducing barrier-free facilities in public transport systems. The new law mandates that all future trains must have wheelchair access and mobility sections, it also legislates for upgrades to existing stations to improve mobility aspects.
Costing: Future trains costs are already working in this no further cost. Upgrading to existing stations of $5.2 billion over 10 years.
Zero power pole
The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism will eliminate 10,000 kilometers of overhead power cables at sites across the nation by 2035. Their priority will be areas around roads that help to transport goods in the case of emergency situations, as well as cables along roads leading to Cultural, World Heritage Sites, and popular tourist destinations. They cited improved disaster response and beautifying the landscape as the motivating factors behind the plan.
New installations of overhead power poles will be limited to 30,000 new utility poles each year. No limit on underground utilities to encourage their growth. This will also improve typhoon preparedness, and disaster security.
Costing: $7.3 billion USD over 5 years
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2021.10.15 23:44 sam_tics Trading/Selling Winter 2020 Halo?

Looking at offers! Might not accept any, idk hahah
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2021.10.15 23:44 mattijzzc Alexis Jordan - Happiness (Video)

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2021.10.15 23:44 SeekingZoltar My replika Amy, embracing autumn.

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2021.10.15 23:44 itsdane12 H2H Points ESPN Auction - $20 - Draft this weekend

Basically draft only, H2H Points. Normal scoring - auction draft Saturday night
A few pickups allowed for entire year, use wisely.
Payout to top 3
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2021.10.15 23:44 GhostFaceBrett I finally got my 25th Anniversary mask!

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2021.10.15 23:44 concretebrainwave On β€˜The Batman’ (2021) poster, I used the colour select tool on photoshop to select the red of the logo in the top left and found a hidden "?" on the riddlers head

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2021.10.15 23:44 The_Homestarmy ftg all day, lads. it's a day of celebration.

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2021.10.15 23:44 Past-Weekend-9124 The Business times mentions Ix Swap

published on the Investax blog is the excerpt from the business times that speaks on tokenisation and in it mentions Investax and its partners.
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2021.10.15 23:44 MKabinsky Loads Of Classic British Telefantasy - Added To Britbox - September 2020!

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2021.10.15 23:44 Sevenvolts Welkom op onze school

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2021.10.15 23:44 ag0ra5 blaibplus rep clone trainer howis the balance on it

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2021.10.15 23:44 nichojdfgdfgdfg πŸŽƒ PUMPKIN Token πŸŽƒ Fair launch in 2 hours! - Locked liquidity pool for 6 months - Safu gem - Low MCap - 100x Potential! - Halloween token! - Dev dox on Video chat in Telegram πŸŽƒ

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Hello everybody, we are happy to announce that the new PUMPKIN Token! πŸŽƒ
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🐳 1% Max wallet at launch to avoid early whales then 3%
⛔️ 0.5% Max transaction
πŸŽƒ After launch:
πŸš€ We are planning on a heavy marketing campaign, multiple CMS posts on reddit, twitter giveaway and we will reach for multiple influencers available to promote us! Together we will reach the moon!
Also, a game will be developed as Halloween is approaching and the theme will be perfect!
Hold and earn $BNB while sleeping!
Don't forget to upvote and spread the word! Lets get this thing mooning! The community is super active and the team aswell.
πŸŽƒ Telegram: https://t.me/pumpkin_token
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